I came across with Keith Arnatt few years ago and I realised that in 2018 it is going to take the 10th anniversary of his dead and in 2019 it is going to be the 40th anniversary of the conclusion of his famous project “Walking the Dog”. For these two reasons (and because I also like to walk with my dog) I decided to undertake this work as a homage to what he did.
My project have consisted in self-publishing a photobook with 50 portraits of people with their dogs (or 50 dogs with their humans, depending on how you look at). It is an analog photography work in black and white taked in the town where I live: La Roca del Vallès. The camera I have used is a Rolleiflex T loaded with Ilford HP5+ 120 film. The negatives were devolped with Adox Atomal. Afterwards, they have been scanned with an Epson V800 in order to be able to make the book printing.
My process adopts the idea of Arnatt and transfer it from Tintern (Wales) - where he did the “Walking the Dog” series - to La Roca del Vallès. It is a local work but with an universal reach, a series that pretends to show the uniqueness of each human being as well as these dogs. All portraits are the same but all are different in order to continue the way as Arnatt was able to see the difference in uniformity and serialization.
Images pretend to have the same characteristics as Arnatt's photographs:
1- Be in black and white
2- Produced with chemical procedures
3- Be in square format
4- Obtained from exteriors
5- People and dogs have to look directly at the camera
6- All people have to be inhabitants of the town where the photographer lives
7- No other person or animal should be seen in the image

If you are interested in the book, please contact me at joansorolla@me.com

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