The word "photography", as anyone involved knows, means "writing with light". With the series "Azar and Lights" I wanted to reflect on the origin of this word and experiment with its most pure but from a personal perspective. The images I have presented could be part of a category that is defined by its acronym in English, ICM (Intentional Camera Movement). This way of working involves moving the camera while the camera shutter is open. Someone might rightly ask the world: but moving the camera ... What for?

From my point of view, moving the camera introduce the time factor in our image. Capturing the passing seconds while we are developing our creation is an added value to our image. 

While American abstract expressionists of World War II created action painting they were claiming the gesture of the artist, which is unique and different each time. The gesture. Here is the photographer's hand at work. Every gesture is unique, and each image gesturally worked is unique as well. This is the added value mentioned above. And azar, another concept invented by the avant-garde, is also involved in this series of images. Azar is another element that contributes to only a picture. Never, never one image will be the same as another one while the hand that holds the camera be a human hand.
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